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Pet transportation with Vueling Airlines

Vueling Airlines is an airline owned by the IAG group, based in Barcelona, Spain.

It is the largest airline within the Spanish territory in terms of passenger numbers and fleet size and offers a wide variety of destinations in codeshare with Iberia.

As it is conceived as a low-cost airline, the transport of pets is very limited.

Only dogs, cats, birds (not birds of prey) and turtles are accepted in the passenger cabin (PETC), provided they meet the mandatory requirements regarding documentation, veterinary conditions and weight and size of the animal and the container.

Vueling Airlines does not transport animals in the hold.

For dogs and cats over 8 kg and also for other animals such as rodents, ferrets, rabbits, birds of prey, reptiles and farm animals that cannot be transported on Vueling Airlines, you can count on our services.

Woof Airlines transports all these animals efficiently and safely using alternative flights and adjusting to your needs.

We manage your pet’s travel by adapting to specific needs and offer the best alternative for a comfortable trip.

Your pet will be accompanied by highly qualified Woof Airlines staff, who will attend to your pet’s needs at all times.

In case you have a flight booked with Vueling and wish to send your pet, please contact us.

An analyst will study your case and give you a quote in less than 48 hours.

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