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LEVEL is a commercial brand of IAG under which the Spanish airline Iberia has been operating for more than four years.

Created in 2017, it emerged to offer low-cost commercial flights between Barcelona and several international destinations, mainly in America.

It offers routes from Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat airport to different airports in North America such as Boston, New York and San Francisco.

It is also possible to travel with them to Cancun (Mexico) and to some South American destinations such as Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.

As a low-cost airline, LEVEL does not accept animals on board its aircraft. Neither in the passenger cabin nor in the hold of the aircraft.

If you have a flight booked with LEVEL and you want your pet to travel to the same destination, you can count on our services.

Woof Airlines efficiently and safely transports pets using alternative flights where pets are allowed to be transported.

Our staff is highly qualified and will take care of your pet during the entire trip, attending to its needs at all times.

Contact us and tell us your plans.

An analyst will study your case and will manage your pet’s trip adapting to your needs.

You will receive a personalized quote in less than 48 hours.

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