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From the end of the Brexit transitional period, i.e. from January 1, 2021, transports must always be carried out as cargo (goods), since the United Kingdom is considered a third country in terms of the application of animal transport regulations.

Even so, no change is foreseen in the sanitary requirements for the introduction of pets from Spain to the United Kingdom, so they will be able to continue traveling with the European pet passport issued in Spain or in any other EU-27 country (those issued in Great Britain will not be valid, but those issued in Northern Ireland will be valid). It will be necessary that they have an identification with microchip, valid rabies vaccination and an antiparasitic treatment between days 1-5 previous to their trip (Source: Magrama).

Pets are not allowed on commercial flights to the UK, however Woof Airlines has found the solution for these routes; in case you prefer your pet to be transported, it is the cargo option. Our professionals have been operating this route for years – to and from the UK – with great success. Thanks to this, we have been able to reunite our clients with their pets.

UK does not allow pets on commercial flights to the UK, however your pet may travel by air as cargo or by road.

Please contact Woof Airlines with any requirements.

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