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Woof Airlines, a service to transport pets by plane, is a European company that was founded in 2015 by a young Spanish entrepreneur who is passionate about pets and flying.

After discovering the need of thousands of families, for different reasons, to travel and relocate to different countries and continents and having to transport their pets. Woof Airlines was born to offer the best, personalised service to transport pets and animals in general.

At Woof Airlines, we work to offer our customers, pet owners , a service where communication, the quality of service and dealing with both the animal and with them, differentiates us.

We have risen to the top and overcome the competition in a relatively short time in this industry. We started with online platforms (such as Uship), and after receiving hundreds of references, and positive comments from our customers, our company is now expanding rapidly.

We are a truly global company. No destination is too far or too difficult for us.

  • We advise our clients on all of the procedures and requirements to ensure their pets arrive in their destination in the most efficient, stress-free manner possible.
  • Our service is different because we really care about your pet and treat you (and them) like one of the family.
  • We are available to you from the moment you hire us until your pet reaches its destination.
  • We will send you messages, photos and videos of your pet at each stage of the trip, so you can really see how your pet is doing, as if you were with at their side.
  • We will resolve any incident that might occur, taking care of your pet at all times and making sure they arrive at their destination safely.

We select the best airlines so we can transport your pet in the fastest, most comfortable manner. Avoiding multiple connections, and any complications.

We offer 4 types of animal transport service:

  • Accompanied international transport of pets by plane (in cabin if possible).
  • International transportation by plane by manifest cargo.
  • National Transportation of Pets by road within Spain.
  • Taxi transport for pets within the Region of Madrid.

We are an approved transporter in Uship, an international online marketplace for carriers and shippers. Due to the large number of positive reviews that our customers from all over the world have left us, we are consistently ranked highly for Pet Transport.

We consider ourselves a 100% Pet Friendly company, and everyone that is a part of Woof Airlines is a pet lover. This is something our customers can feel from their first experience.

Your pet is in the best hands.

We are new members of IPATA, the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association, which brings together more than 440 professional animal transporters in 84 countries. The members of IPATA comply with all legal regulations that guarantee the highest quality pet transport services. As per the IPATA Mission Statement, we are “dedicated to the safe and humane transport of pets and other animals”.

We are Woof Airlines, the best option for transporting your pets

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